Age of Rebellion: Rendezvous on Ord Radama

Silently and Measured

Of the Force and the Slicer


ORFA Headquarters… The hatch silently unhinges from its joint, lowers a moment then rotates and ascends back nto the air vent. LE-V0 lowers himself down and drops to the floor with surprising grace that takes the others, packed tightly into the air vent, off guard. The top floor office is lavish, even with the endless banks of desks and terminals lit in the Ord Radama moonlight. Karn, the cell’s Chadra-Fan slicer, disables the security systems and LE-V0 and Rinn-Lo deftly dodge the awakened cyborg administrator paroling the floor.

Rinn-Lo, one arm in a sling, identifies Rathus Orgall’s office and gracefully unlocks the door a moment before the cyborg notices the disturbance. Once inside Rinn-Lo, having spent years breaking into systems to cover his tracks, draws upon all of his skill and expeirence. After some time, the system is sliced and a backdoor is left in the server. Rinn-Lo takes all the information he can find, and the team carefully escapes back into the night, having come perilously close to being discovered (…on the street; stealing the airspeeder; slicing the security systems; the patrolling administrator…)

Now with a master list of all suppliers, manufacturers, shipments, schedules, and finances you have a clear picture of the insidious Imperial corruption on Ord Radama.

Back at Narek Manor, Malau Jocaos sits slumped forward in his interrogation chair, plotting as he awaits his fate…


GMJirdy GMJirdy

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