Ellor Orgraal

Orgraal is a cold, calculating Imperial bureaucrat in his mid-fifties.


Orgraal is a cold, calculating Imperial bureaucrat in his mid-fifties. The perpetual scowl on his face accurately represents his disdain for those beneath him. Ellor Orgraal has no time for anyone who does not follow his orders to the letter, and he delivers harsh punishment to any who fail him.

The governor is a short man, 1.6 meters in height, with slicked back, black hair. He dresses in finely tai- lored civilian suits resembling a classic formal style.


A low-level bureaucrat during the end oftheRepublic, thekowtowing Orgraal rose through the ranks by doing whatever was asked of him. That allchanged during thetransi- tion to the Empire. Orgraal took advantage of the resulting disarray and confusion to exchange the records and status of a deceased bureaucrat with his own in the hierarchy, setting him on a path to greater glory. With a new service record in place, Ellor Orgraal continued his sycophantic ways until he reached a governorship, one of his lifelong goals.

While on Ord Radama, the Imperial governor has taken great steps to solidify his power by cracking down on anyone who speaks out against the Empire. A number of lesser command- ers who protested Orgraal’s command of the world have also disappeared, leading to speculation thatno one issafe from Orgraal’s wrath.

Ellor Orgraal

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