Age of Rebellion: Rendezvous on Ord Radama


The Imperial Palace, the next day...

Three officers enter a conference room in the Imperial Palace and an apprehensive silence fills the air. Malau Jocaos, in his black IIS uniform stands to the right of General Xantus in the browns of the Imperial Army, who is regarding the younger officer with a repulsed sneer. The holonet screen spurts to life and the image of a human woman in her late-60s appears, stern faced at the bridge of a Star Destroyer.

Without pause to acknowledge the saluting men, she begins speaking a flat, almost bored-sounding reprimand. “You’re failing the Empire Commander Jocaos. You barely have control of your own backwater system, and have allowed local sympathizers to link with the Rebellion. If Ord Radama didn’t have strategic importance to the Imperial Navy, I wouldn’t even know who you were.” She snaps the last words so sharply they cut like a vibroblade.


Jocaos, used to the privilege of having his voice heard, takes every opportunity to defend himself, “It is no fault of mine, Moff Jeradine, I have had limited-"

The Moff cuts him off, “The intel on Arda I was sufficient Jocaos, anything else is pandering. You foolishly thought that because you had an opportunity, that you should act on your pathetic ambitions. You stretched yourself beyond your abilities in capturing Setenna Hase. This lack of judgement sent the Rebels to Ord Radama, and has risked our foothold and our ability to collect any further intelligence.”

But there is a Jedi!” He blurts out in desperation.

“I don’t trust your judgement – Ord Radmians are not to be trusted; too caught up in pandering for political fortunes on their backwater husk. Consider yourself fortunate that I don’t send you to Kessel just to have you relieved. Your excuse for a career began, and now has ended on Ord Radama: You are relieved from the Intelligence Service; you will report to regular duty under General Xantus."


" General Xantus…" At the mention of his name, the much older and battle-hardened soldier salutes the Moff briskly before she continues, “The issue of the Rebels on Ord Radama is now a matter of the Imperial Army. I trust you to resolve the problem that Commander Lieutenant Jocaos has created: crush them and their sympathizers using any means you see fit."

She pauses for a moment to look at a data pad offered to her, “Reinforcements are being redirected your way, and will arrive by the end of the next cycle. The system must not become a distraction – the Emperor has other priorities in the region.

The Moff disengages the Holonet signal before the three officers can salute, but they do so anyways to the darkened screen. Xantus offers Jocaos a final unsympathetic look before turning to leave the room.


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