Age of Rebellion: Rendezvous on Ord Radama

Goliath of the Gordian Reach


The aftermath… The husk of the Eternal Wrath darkly drifts in space, a fatal gouge cut cleanly into its starboard side. It seems oddly peaceful now as the Tie Fighters hastily retreat and the network of explosions and laser shots has subsided. The Rebel starfighters disappear into the void, one by one.


A little while later… The blue hyper field hypnotically flies past the Fist of Arda, and the gentle hum serves a stark counterpoint to the utter chaos of battle. Dask, his feet up on the table in the lower lounge reads a data pad, not paying attention to the others who are trying not to look at his boots resting at eye level.

HA!” he slams the datapad down and lunges forward, “It wasn’t even close. Lots of eyeball kills for Dask, not as many for LE-V0… Well sure, fine, you shredded the Wrath with the Turbos I’ll give you that. But did you see that inverted Corellian stall I…” He goes on, dramatically motioning with his hands and ignoring the fact that Rinn-Lo and Bosp have left to enjoy their meals in peace in the upper crew lounge.


An empty pocket of space… Realspace suddenly returns, and a lone powered down Y-Wing floats in space nearby. The radio cracks to life, and you hear Syin Tanner your (human female) cell pilot, “There you are. I’m supposed to tell you to submit rendezvous coordinates to your CO so we can make the cargo exchange.”

It seems that the Rebel strike force has already hypered out of the area, headed home. “Those other guys left a while ago. Man… did you see them back there? That was insane! I honestly didn’t think I was going to make it. But I might have gotten one or two Imps anyways.

Tube and Tunnel Divers
How to go from the swamp to the palace without breaking the bank.

Outside Livien Magnus… As the survivors make their way through the humid tunnel the explosions can still be heard in the distance. Dim lights hung from the vines that crawl along the walls flicker, and the ankle-deep puddles ripple with every tremor. Narek Manor, along with other noble houses, some of which were likely still occupied, was obliterated by the Tie Bombers. Was it a retaliation; did the Imperials find the Rebel base? Or was it something more sinister, like Ellor Orgraal terrorizing the elites? LE-V0 stays at the back of the line lugging the missile tube that nearly got him atomized by a proton bomb, and thinks that he can hear the someone trying to re-open the tunnel, but it’s likely just more bombs in the distance.


Back on solid ground… The hour is late, and without a base of operations Haril Zense has to make some hard decisions. A great blow has been struck with the help of the Alliance’s SpecOps operatives (who were maybe just a little extra effective with the help of their Jedi companion), but to make it count the cell on Ord Radama will now have to wage a soft war to win the hearts and minds of a populace that has become terrified, or worse: complacent under Imperial rule. Long and hard discussions between Bosp, Zense, and Naralla result in an agreement: SpecOps are leaving, and the Devlik and Rebel cell will work together to further poison the Imperial’s efforts to re-stabilize the planet.

They will arm themselves with weapons stolen from the manufacturing facilities, and all of the damning details of civic corruption that’s been collected. A grassroots upheaval of the Ord Radama bureaucracy is within reach, but not before the Devlik in the Imperial Palace are free from captivity…


In a darkened tube… Bosp tries to control his breathing. A wrong call at the worst possible moment has him in a tight spot. Although safe right now, the gravity of the situation is not lost on the Bothan: he’s stuck inside an unpowered turbo lift that’s the main access point for the entire facility, and hundreds of Imperial soldiers are probably mobilizing in the floors around him. Even worse: his squad is separated, the comms are jammed, and he has no idea if LE-V0 and Rinn-Lo are going to make it out alive…

THUMP! CLANK! PFiiishhh Suddenly, a dim blue light cuts the darkness as Rinn-Lo’s lightsaber slowly melts a hole through the ceiling. LE-V0 jumps through, landing with a loud clang as little Devo the Devlikk clings to his back. A few moments later Rinn-Lo has cut through the main door and they are finally, triumphantly, free.


A few hours later, the trio say brief goodbyes to their companions. Haril Zense gives them firm and appreciative handshakes and sends them off, “May the force be with you all.” As Bosp, Rinn-Lo, and LE-V0 hurriedly drive to the other side of the city, they have a moment to silently reflect on all that’s transpired. The realization that Ellor Orgraal was a dark Force user is chilling to say the least, and it seems like something has been stumbled upon that’s much more sinister than you had expected on Ord Radama…

Silently and Measured
Of the Force and the Slicer


ORFA Headquarters… The hatch silently unhinges from its joint, lowers a moment then rotates and ascends back nto the air vent. LE-V0 lowers himself down and drops to the floor with surprising grace that takes the others, packed tightly into the air vent, off guard. The top floor office is lavish, even with the endless banks of desks and terminals lit in the Ord Radama moonlight. Karn, the cell’s Chadra-Fan slicer, disables the security systems and LE-V0 and Rinn-Lo deftly dodge the awakened cyborg administrator paroling the floor.

Rinn-Lo, one arm in a sling, identifies Rathus Orgall’s office and gracefully unlocks the door a moment before the cyborg notices the disturbance. Once inside Rinn-Lo, having spent years breaking into systems to cover his tracks, draws upon all of his skill and expeirence. After some time, the system is sliced and a backdoor is left in the server. Rinn-Lo takes all the information he can find, and the team carefully escapes back into the night, having come perilously close to being discovered (…on the street; stealing the airspeeder; slicing the security systems; the patrolling administrator…)

Now with a master list of all suppliers, manufacturers, shipments, schedules, and finances you have a clear picture of the insidious Imperial corruption on Ord Radama.

Back at Narek Manor, Malau Jocaos sits slumped forward in his interrogation chair, plotting as he awaits his fate…

The Imperial Palace, the next day...

Three officers enter a conference room in the Imperial Palace and an apprehensive silence fills the air. Malau Jocaos, in his black IIS uniform stands to the right of General Xantus in the browns of the Imperial Army, who is regarding the younger officer with a repulsed sneer. The holonet screen spurts to life and the image of a human woman in her late-60s appears, stern faced at the bridge of a Star Destroyer.

Without pause to acknowledge the saluting men, she begins speaking a flat, almost bored-sounding reprimand. “You’re failing the Empire Commander Jocaos. You barely have control of your own backwater system, and have allowed local sympathizers to link with the Rebellion. If Ord Radama didn’t have strategic importance to the Imperial Navy, I wouldn’t even know who you were.” She snaps the last words so sharply they cut like a vibroblade.


Jocaos, used to the privilege of having his voice heard, takes every opportunity to defend himself, “It is no fault of mine, Moff Jeradine, I have had limited-"

The Moff cuts him off, “The intel on Arda I was sufficient Jocaos, anything else is pandering. You foolishly thought that because you had an opportunity, that you should act on your pathetic ambitions. You stretched yourself beyond your abilities in capturing Setenna Hase. This lack of judgement sent the Rebels to Ord Radama, and has risked our foothold and our ability to collect any further intelligence.”

But there is a Jedi!” He blurts out in desperation.

“I don’t trust your judgement – Ord Radmians are not to be trusted; too caught up in pandering for political fortunes on their backwater husk. Consider yourself fortunate that I don’t send you to Kessel just to have you relieved. Your excuse for a career began, and now has ended on Ord Radama: You are relieved from the Intelligence Service; you will report to regular duty under General Xantus."


" General Xantus…" At the mention of his name, the much older and battle-hardened soldier salutes the Moff briskly before she continues, “The issue of the Rebels on Ord Radama is now a matter of the Imperial Army. I trust you to resolve the problem that Commander Lieutenant Jocaos has created: crush them and their sympathizers using any means you see fit."

She pauses for a moment to look at a data pad offered to her, “Reinforcements are being redirected your way, and will arrive by the end of the next cycle. The system must not become a distraction – the Emperor has other priorities in the region.

The Moff disengages the Holonet signal before the three officers can salute, but they do so anyways to the darkened screen. Xantus offers Jocaos a final unsympathetic look before turning to leave the room.

Timely Departures
How to Survive your Surprise Party

Dask slams the door of the landspeeder and hits the throttle as sirens ring throughout the city, “Holy sith, you guys look like you got run over by a Selonian Tunnel Worm…

Livien Magnus… the city is in lockdown as smoke can still be seen rising from the Cultural District for hours after the explosion – the generators were large enough to be a small bomb when they overloaded. The Opera House is half-collapsed, but thankfully on the performance-side. There are dozens of serious injuries reported, and one death: famous Chiss singer Abav Malo. The air above is devoid of traffic except for Tie Fighter patrols. An AT-ST and Scout Trooper squad guards the Opera House, while Stormtroopers and ORSec heavily patrol the streets, emptying out every dark alley and slum. Even the Barrows has a patrol, but the Devlikk are used to be shaken down and are hiding in their homes and tunnels.


Malau Jocaos sprung his trap, having lured your Rebel squad to his den. But it seems that he severely underestimated the resolve and resourcefulness of your Jedi-backed SpecForce squad. As a result of this miscalculation the day ended in a triumph for the Rebellion on Ord Radama, despite the fact that Rinn-Lo, Bosp, and LE-V0 barely escaped with their lives. A total of 20 Stormtroopers, 19 IIS agents, and an IIS Commander were taken down, either in the intense fighting or when the generators blew. Additionally, valuable intel was recovered and the IIS communications network remains crippled.


Although Jocoas escaped with intel on Rinn-Lo, which he will undoubtedly use to mitigate damage to his career that he’s likely to sustain from the loss of an entire surveillance facility, the ability of the IIS to operate on Ord Radama has been severely crippled. Now that the Imperial’s psychological grip on the population has been removed, all that remains is to address their more direct presence: the garrison and Navy command in the Imperial Palace…


Deep into the Night

The Scarlet Sword… with a sharp hiss and hum, Rinn-Lo’s lightsaber cracks to life in the dimly lit cantina. The situation on Ord Radama has escalated faster than he could have anticipated, but it seems that his instincts have lead him in the right direction once again. As he battles the Barabel tough, deflecting and dodging a hail of blaster fire before dealing a lethal blow, he realizes that he’s now been thrown into the Rebellion in Livien Magnus.

LE-V0 spends most of fight on the floor after being knocked down by a charging Weequay. The droid robotically sends blaster fire into the thug, dropping him before lobbing a grenade to the Aqualish gang who had pinned down Bosp and Haril Zense in the stairwell. Mere minutes pass before sirens can be heard outside and the bar is engulfed in flames as Rinn-Lo covers their tracks, like he’s always done.


Narek Manor… the stakes have raised considerably in the past month. The IIS has somehow tracked the Rebels down, and the nascent cell is no longer able to operate from its previously obscure hovel in the Commercial District. If Zense still wants to compete he will have to rebuild; though it will be hard to keep a low profile in the old Narek family home, even with Bosp managing their resources. Nevertheless, its funny how things have come around in this old house.

Haril Zense appears to be losing faith in the “help” the Rebel Alliance has sent him. He feels like he’s losing control of his fight in Livien Magnus: first the Devlikk, now the Scarlet Sword. The resistance doesn’t feel like his own any more…


The Opera House… the Cultural District buzzes before the performance by the famous Chiss singer Abav Malo. Importantly, this helps to conceal your group as they look for a way into the sub-basement.

After being attacked in New Raido and the destruction of the Scarlet Sword, you get the sense that the IIS is circling and you wonder how much longer you can rely solely on skill to get you out of trouble. It’s time to take the fight to them, and Kel’s description of his journey after the crash is the strongest lead you have to finding their home.

A quick slip past security and a busy backstage atmosphere almost makes it too easy. Descending the spiral staircase leads you to the well-lit bunker that Kel described. Could this be the IIS base of operations, hiding in plain sight all along? LE-V0, as ever, answers that question as he walks straight into trouble. But the droid narrowly avoids detection and silently stuns a patrol of Stormtroopers. Now, hiding in what appears to be an armoury filled with black-ops equipment, you decide on your next move…


Escape from New Raido
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Trust a Droid

The Blue District… Moments after ditching from the A5 Heavy Speeder, blasts ring out from the diving-bombing Cloud Car. The truck’s hull is ripped open in the explosion and the vehicle slams to the ground. With the ensuing chaos of the crowded night market, LE-V0 and Bosp manage to sneak away from their pursuer. You have a strong feeling that the IIS is hot on your heels…

Bosp’s reputation precedes him, in more ways than one. With a mention of Cecil Narek’s name, the Twi’lek Black Marketeer is pleased to do business with him. However because of Bosp’s secret dealings with Cam Truuvih, he the Twi’lek is also happy to cheat him. Bosp is clever though, and manages to find a deal in every circumstance.


The sky above New Raido… In a daring move, Dask punches the throttle and dips the Y-Wing deep between the corridors of the city, knowing that a test of skill will be the only way to escape the squadron of Cloud Cars intent on shooting them down. He deftly dodges the overhead beams and walkways at full speed while the pursuers struggle to keep up. At the last moment Dask pitches the ship almost vertical, clipping one of the Y-Wing’s engines on a walkway, firing the ship out of the city like a rocket into the open sky. The Cloud Cars overshoot, sending one careening into the side of a building.

Bosp attempts to repair damage to the Y-Wing’s navigation system, while LE-V0 easily makes the manual fix himself, strapped haphazardly into the Astromech slot. The droid rotates and fires off an impossible shot, cracking the cockpit window of one the remaining pursuers from extreme range, ending the chase with a dramatic flair.


Back in the capital… The presence of the Imperial Star Destroyers is an imposing sight and the city is filled with soldiers. A suspicious supply line from the commercial district to one of the hovering Star Destroyers catches LE-V0’s eye. More suspicions are raised at the Ord Radama Finance Authority, and it seems likely that Cecil Narek’s worries were well-founded. What were the ranking Imperial Officers meeting about at ORFA?

After dark, LE-V0 manages to frustrate and befuddle his companions, who watch him somehow walk right past the distracted Scout Trooper blockade. The Force must somehow be with the droid… or he’s got more moxy than a Toydarian. Hiding out over the next week in the locked-down district, LE-V0 makes an important discovery (and a narrow escape) after the Star Destroyers depart the system. More strands of the Imperial web are revealed, and it seems that treachery runs deep beneath the surface on Ord Radama.

…meanwhile Dask and Bosp busy themselves preparing for the next move.



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