After successfully joining the Rebel Alliance, the squad of Rebels have proven their great worth on the Perlemian trade route, during the battle at Arda I, and on Jagomir. As members of Alliance SpecForce, the squad is currently engaged in covert operations on the Outer Rim planet Ord Radama, where they are using the local knowledge and skills of the small Rebel cell there to inhibit the growth of the Imperial presence in the sector.

The Imperial Intelligence Service has sunk its hooks deeply into the planet’s populace under the leadership of Malau Jocaos, the agent who orchestrated the kidnapping of the Rebel leader Setenna Hase. Following Hase’s kidnapping, Urel Haydon sent the squad to Ord Radama to recover Hase, liaise with a local resistance cell lead by Haril Zense, and disrupt Imperial operations there until further notice.


Latest update: Silently and Measured

Group Contribution Rank: 3
Respected and trusted by the Alliance. Minor notoriety to the Empire, considered to have limited but useful tactical information if questioned; execution after interrogation expected.

Group Duties:
Dask Taarmin, Flight Officer – Space Superiority: 0
LE-V0, Senior Trooper – Internal Security: 0
Bosp Hoz’kyns, Senior Deckman – Resource Acquisition: 0
Rinn-Lo Kron – Intelligence 0

Age of Rebellion: Rendezvous on Ord Radama

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