Var Narek

Var Narek was manipulated by Malau Jocaos and betrayed the Rebel Alliance, kidnapping Setenna Hase.


A human male in his late twenties, Var Narek is completely average. He stands just under two meters tall, with black hair and a slight build. Narek is the kind of person to whom people on the street do not give a second thought.


The aristocratic Narek family shared in that peace and security until Ellor Orgraal ascended to the posi- tion of governor. The Imperial government passed over Var’s father for the appointment when Var was still a young man—cheated him out of it, some might say. The various noble families in the capital city, Livien Magnus, quickly flocked to Orgaal’s side in search of favors and appointments. His father’s simmering resentment and Var’s lack of opportunities to advance turned Var against the Empire and towards the Rebel cell forming on Arda I. His younger brother, Aleos, had fewer memories of his family’s former prominence and was content to marry a shopkeeper’s daughter and help her run her store in Livien Magnus. When he could, Var visited his brother’s family between missions, but otherwise, he never regret- ted leaving his home planet and past behind.

The Nareks’ lives shattered one day when a group of Rebels struck out against the Imperial govern- ment. Aleos, his wife, and their two young children were killed during a battle between Imperials and the Rebels. An aerial bombardment destroyed the fam- ily’s shop and a number of nearby Imperial buildings, and the general public blamed the Rebels who sup- posedly had been hiding there. This event hardened Var’s heart, and he decided he would stop the war at all costs, even if that meant siding with the Imperials and destroying the Rebel Alliance. He sought out an old friend from his days at school, now a captain in the Imperial Intelligence Service, and implored him for a way to make the Alliance pay. On that fateful day, Var Narek became a traitor to the Alliance.

Var’s first major job for the Empire was gathering intel on the Arda I base and getting that information to his Imperial contact. As a held assistant to Setenna Hase, Narek has a great deal of access to all areas of the base. Var used a series of signal-boosting hyperspace tran- sponders to reveal the base to the Empire. This new tech transmits coded messages to Imperial monitoring stations, masking the signal with white noise so the Rebels remain unaware. Var has a very limited number of these devices: one is installed in the hangar itself and more are outside in the Gauntlet’s general vicinity. Most are destroyed on Arda I during the Battle of the Gauntlet, and he only has two left when he arrives on Jagomir.

The truth of the events that led to Var’s betrayal of the Alliance is much more insidious. Var’s “old friend,” Malau Jocaos, a captain in the Imperial Intelligence Service, had long suspected his schoolmate of work- ing for the Rebellion. When he discovered that Var’s brother ran a store near an Imperial service bureau in Livien Magnus, he masterminded a way to bring Var into Imperial service by destroying an empty Imperial outpost and a few nearby shops. He knew Var’s attachment to his family would send him over the edge, and by making sure that all the blame fell on the Rebellion, it was only a matter of time before Jocaos had a new agent under his thumb.

Var Narek

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