Setenna Hase

Hase is the Councillor in command of the Rebel cell that formed on Arda I. When the base was attacked she relocated operations to the remote planet of Jagomir.


Setenna Hase was raised in a middle-class family on the Corellian world of Tralus near the end of the Republic. She left her world to travel the galaxy at a young age, possessed with a powerful wanderlust to see new and exciting worlds. Traveling through the Core Worlds and on to the Outer Rim for close to a decade, Hase studied numerous cultures, philoso- phies, and beliefs among other species.


As the Republic fell and the Empire rose to power, many of these cultures fell under the oppression of the Empire and their New Order. Appalled to see people she had studied under and lived with subjected to such misery, Setenna began looking into the Rebellion. Then an Imperial raid killed Setenna’s beloved mentor, a pacifist Ithorian philosopher named Borrosel. Setenna Hase joined the Rebellion and never looked back.

Setenna’s intellect and drive allowed her to rise among her peers and become a valuable leader whose knowl- edge of the galaxy and cultures makes her an effective leader and cunning strategist. Setenna looks older than she is, though she is actually thirty-four years old and has the energy to prove it. The woman looks up to Gen- eral Niall but is known to clash with the up-and-coming Duros Commander Qurno.

Setenna Hase

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