Malau Jocaos

A brash man with a disarming smile, Malau Jocaos's friendly outward demeanor belies his true nature.


Under the surface, Jocaos is a cold-blooded killer who will do anything in the service of the Empire. A rising star in the Imperial Intelligence Service, Malau successfully turned Var Narek into an Imperial asset and also maintains a number of spies among the populace of Ord Radama, watching for signs of Rebels.


Malau Jocaos was born on Ord Radama, a youth during the Clone Wars when the world sided withthe Separatists. His parents raised him on tales of the corrupt Republic and hypocritical Jedi who had forsaken their oaths toward the common people. Raised on a steady stream of propaganda and anti-Republic dogma, Malau embraced the strict tenets of Palpatine’s New Order with zeal. As soon as he was able, Jocaos left Ord Radama and entered the Imperial Academy.

The instructors at the Academy saw great potential in Malau, fast-tracking him for enlistment into the highly selective Intelligence Service. Jocaos quickly rose through the ranks of this agency, and soon his superiors dispatched himto carry outa number of secret projects for the IIS. Returning to his home world of Ord Radama, Malau Jocaos worked under orders to bring agents onboard who could infiltrate the Rebellion and expose its secrets. Long suspecting that his former schoolmate Var Narek had joined the Rebellion, Jocaos masterminded the bombing of Var’s brother’s shop to set Var back on the true path.

Malau has great disdain for Governor Orgraal, seeing him as nothing more than a low-level politician and not worthy of his post. Jocaos plans to govern Ord Radama himself one day.

Malau Jocaos

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