Haril Zense

Haril is a skilled Rebel spy in his mid-forties.


Haril is a skilled Rebel spy in his mid-forties. A man of deep laughter and a booming voice, he has light brown hair, a close-cropped beard, and is physically fit. He is not particularly tall, which helps him blend in.


A former pilot, Haril Zense gave up his ship years ago when his reflexes began to falter. Zense knew that, while he wasn’t as skilled in a cockpit any lon- ger, he could continue to serve the Alliance in other ways. After conducting a number of special opera- tions for different Rebel cells, Zense found his way to Ord Radama in one of the most trying missions of his life. Zense bristles at the lack of action being taken against the imperials and wishes to strike a blowfor the Rebellion on Ord Radama. Nobody knows how much longer he can bear to sit and watch without car- rying out an attack against the Empire.

Haril Zense

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