Dask Taarmin

Dask Taarmin is the quick-witted ace of the group.


Dask grew up on Corellia racing swoops until his craving for something greater took him to the Imperial Naval Academy. After the first year of flight training in Tie Fighters, Dask saw how oppressive the Imperial doctrine truly was. Too arrogant and stubborn to wash out, Dask took matters into his own hands.


After a bold escape from the Imperial Naval Academy on Prefsbelt IV, where he reprogrammed a security droids to escort him off-world, Dask Taarmin and LE-V0 made contact with a Rebel recruiter on a nearby backwater. Eager to contribute to the right cause, the two spent weeks in a Rebel safe house while arrangements were made and their story was vetted.

Since then the duo have demonstrated their great value to the Rebel Alliance on the Perlemian trade route, at the battle of Arda I, and on Jagomir.

Dask Taarmin

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