Age of Rebellion: Rendezvous on Ord Radama

Deep into the Night

The Scarlet Sword… with a sharp hiss and hum, Rinn-Lo’s lightsaber cracks to life in the dimly lit cantina. The situation on Ord Radama has escalated faster than he could have anticipated, but it seems that his instincts have lead him in the right direction once again. As he battles the Barabel tough, deflecting and dodging a hail of blaster fire before dealing a lethal blow, he realizes that he’s now been thrown into the Rebellion in Livien Magnus.

LE-V0 spends most of fight on the floor after being knocked down by a charging Weequay. The droid robotically sends blaster fire into the thug, dropping him before lobbing a grenade to the Aqualish gang who had pinned down Bosp and Haril Zense in the stairwell. Mere minutes pass before sirens can be heard outside and the bar is engulfed in flames as Rinn-Lo covers their tracks, like he’s always done.


Narek Manor… the stakes have raised considerably in the past month. The IIS has somehow tracked the Rebels down, and the nascent cell is no longer able to operate from its previously obscure hovel in the Commercial District. If Zense still wants to compete he will have to rebuild; though it will be hard to keep a low profile in the old Narek family home, even with Bosp managing their resources. Nevertheless, its funny how things have come around in this old house.

Haril Zense appears to be losing faith in the “help” the Rebel Alliance has sent him. He feels like he’s losing control of his fight in Livien Magnus: first the Devlikk, now the Scarlet Sword. The resistance doesn’t feel like his own any more…


The Opera House… the Cultural District buzzes before the performance by the famous Chiss singer Abav Malo. Importantly, this helps to conceal your group as they look for a way into the sub-basement.

After being attacked in New Raido and the destruction of the Scarlet Sword, you get the sense that the IIS is circling and you wonder how much longer you can rely solely on skill to get you out of trouble. It’s time to take the fight to them, and Kel’s description of his journey after the crash is the strongest lead you have to finding their home.

A quick slip past security and a busy backstage atmosphere almost makes it too easy. Descending the spiral staircase leads you to the well-lit bunker that Kel described. Could this be the IIS base of operations, hiding in plain sight all along? LE-V0, as ever, answers that question as he walks straight into trouble. But the droid narrowly avoids detection and silently stuns a patrol of Stormtroopers. Now, hiding in what appears to be an armoury filled with black-ops equipment, you decide on your next move…



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