Age of Rebellion: Rendezvous on Ord Radama

Tube and Tunnel Divers

How to go from the swamp to the palace without breaking the bank.

Outside Livien Magnus… As the survivors make their way through the humid tunnel the explosions can still be heard in the distance. Dim lights hung from the vines that crawl along the walls flicker, and the ankle-deep puddles ripple with every tremor. Narek Manor, along with other noble houses, some of which were likely still occupied, was obliterated by the Tie Bombers. Was it a retaliation; did the Imperials find the Rebel base? Or was it something more sinister, like Ellor Orgraal terrorizing the elites? LE-V0 stays at the back of the line lugging the missile tube that nearly got him atomized by a proton bomb, and thinks that he can hear the someone trying to re-open the tunnel, but it’s likely just more bombs in the distance.


Back on solid ground… The hour is late, and without a base of operations Haril Zense has to make some hard decisions. A great blow has been struck with the help of the Alliance’s SpecOps operatives (who were maybe just a little extra effective with the help of their Jedi companion), but to make it count the cell on Ord Radama will now have to wage a soft war to win the hearts and minds of a populace that has become terrified, or worse: complacent under Imperial rule. Long and hard discussions between Bosp, Zense, and Naralla result in an agreement: SpecOps are leaving, and the Devlik and Rebel cell will work together to further poison the Imperial’s efforts to re-stabilize the planet.

They will arm themselves with weapons stolen from the manufacturing facilities, and all of the damning details of civic corruption that’s been collected. A grassroots upheaval of the Ord Radama bureaucracy is within reach, but not before the Devlik in the Imperial Palace are free from captivity…


In a darkened tube… Bosp tries to control his breathing. A wrong call at the worst possible moment has him in a tight spot. Although safe right now, the gravity of the situation is not lost on the Bothan: he’s stuck inside an unpowered turbo lift that’s the main access point for the entire facility, and hundreds of Imperial soldiers are probably mobilizing in the floors around him. Even worse: his squad is separated, the comms are jammed, and he has no idea if LE-V0 and Rinn-Lo are going to make it out alive…

THUMP! CLANK! PFiiishhh Suddenly, a dim blue light cuts the darkness as Rinn-Lo’s lightsaber slowly melts a hole through the ceiling. LE-V0 jumps through, landing with a loud clang as little Devo the Devlikk clings to his back. A few moments later Rinn-Lo has cut through the main door and they are finally, triumphantly, free.


A few hours later, the trio say brief goodbyes to their companions. Haril Zense gives them firm and appreciative handshakes and sends them off, “May the force be with you all.” As Bosp, Rinn-Lo, and LE-V0 hurriedly drive to the other side of the city, they have a moment to silently reflect on all that’s transpired. The realization that Ellor Orgraal was a dark Force user is chilling to say the least, and it seems like something has been stumbled upon that’s much more sinister than you had expected on Ord Radama…


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