Age of Rebellion: Rendezvous on Ord Radama

Timely Departures

How to Survive your Surprise Party

Dask slams the door of the landspeeder and hits the throttle as sirens ring throughout the city, “Holy sith, you guys look like you got run over by a Selonian Tunnel Worm…

Livien Magnus… the city is in lockdown as smoke can still be seen rising from the Cultural District for hours after the explosion – the generators were large enough to be a small bomb when they overloaded. The Opera House is half-collapsed, but thankfully on the performance-side. There are dozens of serious injuries reported, and one death: famous Chiss singer Abav Malo. The air above is devoid of traffic except for Tie Fighter patrols. An AT-ST and Scout Trooper squad guards the Opera House, while Stormtroopers and ORSec heavily patrol the streets, emptying out every dark alley and slum. Even the Barrows has a patrol, but the Devlikk are used to be shaken down and are hiding in their homes and tunnels.


Malau Jocaos sprung his trap, having lured your Rebel squad to his den. But it seems that he severely underestimated the resolve and resourcefulness of your Jedi-backed SpecForce squad. As a result of this miscalculation the day ended in a triumph for the Rebellion on Ord Radama, despite the fact that Rinn-Lo, Bosp, and LE-V0 barely escaped with their lives. A total of 20 Stormtroopers, 19 IIS agents, and an IIS Commander were taken down, either in the intense fighting or when the generators blew. Additionally, valuable intel was recovered and the IIS communications network remains crippled.


Although Jocoas escaped with intel on Rinn-Lo, which he will undoubtedly use to mitigate damage to his career that he’s likely to sustain from the loss of an entire surveillance facility, the ability of the IIS to operate on Ord Radama has been severely crippled. Now that the Imperial’s psychological grip on the population has been removed, all that remains is to address their more direct presence: the garrison and Navy command in the Imperial Palace…



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