Age of Rebellion: Rendezvous on Ord Radama

Goliath of the Gordian Reach


The aftermath… The husk of the Eternal Wrath darkly drifts in space, a fatal gouge cut cleanly into its starboard side. It seems oddly peaceful now as the Tie Fighters hastily retreat and the network of explosions and laser shots has subsided. The Rebel starfighters disappear into the void, one by one.


A little while later… The blue hyper field hypnotically flies past the Fist of Arda, and the gentle hum serves a stark counterpoint to the utter chaos of battle. Dask, his feet up on the table in the lower lounge reads a data pad, not paying attention to the others who are trying not to look at his boots resting at eye level.

HA!” he slams the datapad down and lunges forward, “It wasn’t even close. Lots of eyeball kills for Dask, not as many for LE-V0… Well sure, fine, you shredded the Wrath with the Turbos I’ll give you that. But did you see that inverted Corellian stall I…” He goes on, dramatically motioning with his hands and ignoring the fact that Rinn-Lo and Bosp have left to enjoy their meals in peace in the upper crew lounge.


An empty pocket of space… Realspace suddenly returns, and a lone powered down Y-Wing floats in space nearby. The radio cracks to life, and you hear Syin Tanner your (human female) cell pilot, “There you are. I’m supposed to tell you to submit rendezvous coordinates to your CO so we can make the cargo exchange.”

It seems that the Rebel strike force has already hypered out of the area, headed home. “Those other guys left a while ago. Man… did you see them back there? That was insane! I honestly didn’t think I was going to make it. But I might have gotten one or two Imps anyways.


GMJirdy GMJirdy

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