Age of Rebellion: Rendezvous on Ord Radama

Escape from New Raido

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Trust a Droid

The Blue District… Moments after ditching from the A5 Heavy Speeder, blasts ring out from the diving-bombing Cloud Car. The truck’s hull is ripped open in the explosion and the vehicle slams to the ground. With the ensuing chaos of the crowded night market, LE-V0 and Bosp manage to sneak away from their pursuer. You have a strong feeling that the IIS is hot on your heels…

Bosp’s reputation precedes him, in more ways than one. With a mention of Cecil Narek’s name, the Twi’lek Black Marketeer is pleased to do business with him. However because of Bosp’s secret dealings with Cam Truuvih, he the Twi’lek is also happy to cheat him. Bosp is clever though, and manages to find a deal in every circumstance.


The sky above New Raido… In a daring move, Dask punches the throttle and dips the Y-Wing deep between the corridors of the city, knowing that a test of skill will be the only way to escape the squadron of Cloud Cars intent on shooting them down. He deftly dodges the overhead beams and walkways at full speed while the pursuers struggle to keep up. At the last moment Dask pitches the ship almost vertical, clipping one of the Y-Wing’s engines on a walkway, firing the ship out of the city like a rocket into the open sky. The Cloud Cars overshoot, sending one careening into the side of a building.

Bosp attempts to repair damage to the Y-Wing’s navigation system, while LE-V0 easily makes the manual fix himself, strapped haphazardly into the Astromech slot. The droid rotates and fires off an impossible shot, cracking the cockpit window of one the remaining pursuers from extreme range, ending the chase with a dramatic flair.


Back in the capital… The presence of the Imperial Star Destroyers is an imposing sight and the city is filled with soldiers. A suspicious supply line from the commercial district to one of the hovering Star Destroyers catches LE-V0’s eye. More suspicions are raised at the Ord Radama Finance Authority, and it seems likely that Cecil Narek’s worries were well-founded. What were the ranking Imperial Officers meeting about at ORFA?

After dark, LE-V0 manages to frustrate and befuddle his companions, who watch him somehow walk right past the distracted Scout Trooper blockade. The Force must somehow be with the droid… or he’s got more moxy than a Toydarian. Hiding out over the next week in the locked-down district, LE-V0 makes an important discovery (and a narrow escape) after the Star Destroyers depart the system. More strands of the Imperial web are revealed, and it seems that treachery runs deep beneath the surface on Ord Radama.

…meanwhile Dask and Bosp busy themselves preparing for the next move.



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